"Standing on top of the world, for a little while"

"Standing on top of the world, for a little while"

Friday, May 9, 2014

TooFitSpot: Dance Trance D.C.

Too Fit Spot: these will highlight various classes, exercises and fun fitness activities I've checked out. A little background on the activity and then a recap of my experience!

I am a "gym freak" with a passion for dancing.

I danced as a peanut, through middle school, high school and college. Any opportunity that has come up to get in a class, or perform I jump to. So jump I did upon discovering Dance Trance D.C.

My experience:

Cinco de mayo was on a Monday this year and I was excited to shake it in celebration with DTDC. (I had chips, guac and margs on Sunday, don't worry.)  Even better was that I got to team up with my fav D.C. Fitness Blogger - D.C Fit Crasher. 
The class we took powered through about 17 choreographed songs to AWESOME music, even a song by Shaggy. I'm not sure if it was my favorite, but it's definitely up there. There was no break down of choreography and I think I looked a little silly trying to catch on but that was part of the fun of it! Don't get me wrong, I still got down with my bad, sassy self and I broke a good sweat! 

Also part of the fun, was watching the class crush the choreography, which was really good (I've found some dance fitness classes to have "ehh" choreography). While this class was more of a "follow the leader" and didn't break anything down, DTDC does have break down classes where they go over each song move by move.
I loved feeding off of the buzz of energy, funky lights and smiles that filled the studio. Definitely a "feel good" fitness experience. It exemplifies the "Too Fit" philosophy by empowering participants to let loose and just enjoy their fitness! 
There is certainly a huge sense of family, community and support amongst the DTDC group. The instructor hosted a little party after class with chips and dip and Mexican beers for Cinco de Mayo and we all got to laugh, munch and enjoy meeting each other. It was so fun, comfortable, encouraging and a really great time. Events and things like this add an extra boost to making fitness fun, and DTDC does this frequently!

This was a fantastic first Too Fit Spot and a HUGE thank you to DT for hosting me! I will definitely be back! Dance Trance D.C. is Too Fit!

More on Dance Trance D.C

Prior to the class, I had the privilege of chatting with the leading lady at DTDC to get a little more background on the whole program. Check it out!

What is it?

DTDC is a high-energy, highly-positive, cardio dance fitness class for women and men (who are brave/smart enough- lots of pretty gals in this class) looking for both a great workout and a great time. The program itself features beautifully choreographed dance routines to today's most popular music and club-like beats. Every class is hosted by an accomplished instructor who will lead the class through a high-energy, high-cardio dance-club-like set of 15-17 songs/hour. 

Classes are held in Washington, D.C. at  Balance Gym – Thomas Circle (1111 14th ST NW, WDC 20005).
Not in D.C and want to try it out? Never fear, Dance Trance has over 50 locations across the U.S!

Where did it come from?

DTDC was established by Sarah Spear Sands, and her story with it is pretty awesome. Before Dance Trance, she worked as a tax attorney and lobbyist on Capitol Hill. After she met and married her husband Ben, who was also in the corporate world they both decided to shift their priorities and improve their quality of life. In my book, that is hugely admirable and certainly a Too Fit move. I believe that if you love what you do, you never "work" a day in your life, and seeing people take risks and leaps to do what they love is inspiring. Sarah had discovered Dance Trance when she was in law school and wanted to share what it did for her with others. DTDC has now become a community of men and women supporting each other on and off the dance floor. With her team of instructors, Sarah creates a club environment with loud music, dance hits and DJ lights. 

What is the Goal/Mission of DTDC?

At DTDC we strive to give everyone a PEAK EXPERIENCE every time they walk into our classroom. While it takes a little bit of magic, there are a few KEY INGREDIENTS that we can follow to set the stage for an UNFORGETTABLE class.


How many calories can be burned during one class?

It’s not uncommon for attendees to burn between 500 and 900 calories per hour of a high-cardio Dance Trance class. DTDC is a full-body aerobic workout. 

Fitness/Wellness Challenges or Activities?

We are hosting a special 60-Day Summer Slim Down from May 15th thru July 14th. Contestants can enter to win a free month unlimited to Dance Trance DC; we’ll have a high attendance award and a slim down award.  In conjunction with the contest, we are offering a new student promotion of $99 for 60-days of unlimited Dance Trance. New members can purchase the sales promotion between now and May 15th.

What is the best part of Dance Trance?

Dance Trance is all about making fitness fun – so we regularly do special events to keep the spice in our life! To stay abreast of what we are doing please sign up for our weekly newsletter because it includes information on specialty classes, happy hours, parties, and community events.

For more information check out their website! And if any Too fit followers want to check out a class, I will be more than happy to join! 


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